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Supply Chain Partners.

Our Value Propositions.

Our value propositions are based on two key value drivers: RISK and RELIABILITY. Stakeholders are operating in a high risk, high cost environment with often critical time pressures and are looking to minimise risk and guarantee reliability.

ELX has three main value propositions:

Tier 1:

Supply chain partners

This statement identifies ELX as a critical partner in the supply chains of its stakeholders. Being a partner, as opposed to just a contract transport and logistics company, minimises the risk and ensures reliability. Supply Chain Partners is intended to become the new tagline for ELX to replace “we make it happen”.

Tier 2:

Connecting people

This statement radically redefines what ELX does. All existing transport and logistics companies focus their attention and value proposition on the trucks and freight. It is the people commissioning the freight and the guys receiving it that have the greatest needs and therefore has the greatest value to the business. ELX connects the Project Manager in the office with the Ops guys on the ground.

Tier 3:

Fleet smart

This statement packages an existing service offering and elevates its importance in the eyes of the stakeholder. For stakeholders needing to see evidence of risk reduction and a guarantee of reliability, the system that supports the business is important. Fleet Smart is the combination of the technology/system, the people and their skills and the equipment. The smart component comes from how these things are integrated. It’s what ELX does really well.

Our Values.

Our shared values are at the core of who we are and what makes us work as a team. They’re shared because we all live by them and believe in them. The behaviours of each one can be seen in everything we do, every day.


It’s all about taking responsibility. Knowing your job, how to do the job and watching each other’s backs.


It’s all about being 100% committed to the company and to the team and being a good ambassador and going the extra mile when no one is watching.


It’s all about doing the right thing: by yourself and by others.


It’s all about being able to rely on each other, always, and having the best interest of the business at the forefront.


It’s all about being able to rely on each other, always, and having the best interest of the business at the forefront.


It’s all about our word means everything, doing what you say you’re going to do and following through to make sure that it happens.