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Shaun Williamson is the Co-founder and Director of Energy Logistix, an emerging transport logistic business based in South Australia. Since its inception in 2012, Energy Logistix has been competing against some of world’s biggest logistics companies.

“From the outset, we were really aware of the gap in capabilities and resources between us and the big players,” says Shaun. “We knew we couldn’t out muscle them, be we could outsmart and out-service them.”

Basically, Shaun and his team had to make more out of less; that innovation through technology held the key to providing a much more flexible transport logistics service.

“It’s about doing things better, more efficiently, and with clear communication and increased safety. Technology is allowing us to do that. All our trucks have satellite tracking and we’re currently in the process of fitting our fleet with the latest infra-red, anti-doze system. As a company, we’re agile enough to adapt, develop new technologies that safer and more efficient outcomes to our team, clients and the people who work with us.”

Energy Logistix are in the final stages of developing an App that will fully automate their transport management system, in a hope to see the company become virtually paperless by 2020.

“There’s an abundance of paperwork in this industry; everything is planned to the Nth-degree and everyone needs to be kept updated and in the know – our work diaries look like telephone books with all the documentation. So it was a no-brainer to implement this technology – it will allow us to input and record information directly into a single electronic platform, where everyone has immediate access to updated information.”

Instead of only carrying physical paperwork, drivers and other team members are now armed with electronic tablets, to keep our team up-to-date with a job’s real-time status whether they’re in the Head office or on the Highway.

One of Shaun’s favourite quotes is ‘there’s no evolution without revolution’. Energy Logistix are certainly playing their part in revolutionising the transport logistics industry.  “We’re striving to be the best, and technology is helping us to gain an edge in a really competitive environment.”